If a business you are dealing with has financial problems you need help from a lawyer who can get the best possible result for you.

If the business owes you money we can

  • Move quickly to preserve your position
  • Make an early assessment of your chances of recovering your money
  • Exert the maximum possible pressure to ensure your business has the best chance of being paid
  • Deal quickly with spurious excuses for not paying you
  • Recover any goods you have delivered to reduce your debt providing you have the right clause in your contract (and most do but many are not aware how to enforce them)
  • Arrange the appointment of a liquidator or administrator 
  • Present your claim to a liquidator or administrator in the best possible way
  • Negotiate continuing supplies to a company in liquidation or administration to help mitigate your losses
  • Help you take part in the investigation of the business's affairs
  • Structure formal complaints about the activities of the directors of a company that will lead to prosecution or disqualification
  • Buying the assets of a business in difficulties