The right actions, immediately 

Speed is all important when enforcing your rights. Sometimes you need to use the court's powers quickly to protect your business or its assets.

Our experience and strength in depth in commercial litigation means that we can do that for you, often within 24 hours of you first contacting us and sometimes even more quickly than that.

  • Help you assess the alternatives to immediate court action
  • Obtain orders to preserve evidence
  • Seize and obtain evidence to support your case
  • Prevent further damage to your business by continuing breaches of your agreements by your customers, suppliers, agents, distributors, former employees or anyone else you have done business with
  • Stop unfair competition by your competitors
  • Enforce the restraint clauses in employment contracts
  • Preserve your confidential information and trade secrets
  • Stop interference with your intellectual property rights
  • Hold back over zealous landlords who want to forfeit your lease or restrict the use of your premises