Our Fees

We recognise that every job has a value.

In most case we don't charge for an initial meeting to identify your objectives. Once we understand the case, we can agree the most appropriate charging structure.

We will consider and discuss with you a variety of ways of charging fees, whether fixed, subject to a fee limit, percentage fees based on the value of the transaction, retainer fees or fees calculated by reference to hourly rates.

We regularly work with our client's professional indemnity insurers.

There won't be any surprises. 

We know we offer good value for the work we do.


Our standards and values

  • We won't compromise the independence and strength of our advice to you.

  • We will listen to what you want to achieve and help you try to achieve it.
  • We will only accept a case if we believe we can make a positive contribution and move it forward. 
  • We will present you with clear decisions to make and help you make them.
  • We will use plain, clear language.
  • We won't burden you with technicalities you don't need to know.