Help is now available to fund smaller claims.

You no longer need to give up claims because you can’t afford to run them.

The market for funding claims has been developing for some time and there are now a number of alternatives to the traditional solicitor hourly rate. The entry into the market of these businesses that will pay your lawyers to run relatively small claims is an important development.

These ‘third-party funders’ will typically pay your lawyers as the case proceeds and in return charge interest on the money advanced and take a proportion of any money that you recover.

These schemes allow you to recover monies or assets that are due to your business, preserve your working capital and limit your exposure to cost and risks.

The initial risk assessment is important - if the assessment is positive you will know that both your lawyers and an experienced third party think a claim is good enough to share the risks of litigation or arbitration with you.

You should always consider third-party funding and all the other funding methods that are now available to you.

M&S Solicitors has been helping clients fund litigation for many years by sharing the risk with them. We have now added to the options we can make available to our clients by building strong links with a market leading third-party funder.

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